Halifax Commons Pool

The NEW Halifax commons pool is located on the Halifax mainland commons between Cogswell Street and Bell Road. The commons pool will offer a 25m five lane pool, 3 climbing walls, beach entry with play features and large universal changerooms. The pool will offer a variety of activities such as lane swimming, swimming lessons and open swims.


  • The commons pool will have universal change rooms with individual and family cubicles. There will also be accessible cubicles available for use.

Adaptive equipment

We're pleased to offer the following adaptive equipment at the commons pool:

  • lifejackets
  • pool lift
  • aquatic wheelchair

Age Guideline

Children 6 an under

  • Children 6 years old or younger must have a parent or guardian (18 years or older) with-in arms reach at all times.

children between 7 and 11

  • Children between the ages of 7 an 11 must have a parent or guardian (18 years or older), at the facility while in case of emergency.

Youth 12 - 17

  • Youth between the ages of 12 and 17 can use the facility on their own, but cannot act as a guardian for children 11 and under.


Fee Structure/Memberships

Access to lane swimming and open swims will free of charge on a first come bases. A fee will be charged for programs such as swimming lessons, rentals and aquatic sports (Lifesaving sport, waterpolo, swim team etc...)


  • No pre-bookings are required to access the commons pool, access is free on a first come basis.


    Pool rentals and birthday parties will be available this summer. Please call 902-490-6666 to book your activity now.



    Halifax Commons Outdoor Pool Schedule: Monday - Friday

    Time Activity
    Time Activity
    8:00am-9:00am lane swimming
    9:00am - 12:00pm swimming lessons/lane swimming
    12:00pm - 1:45pm Open Swim/lane swimming
    2:00pm - 3:45pm Open Swim/lane swimming
    4:00pm-7:00pm swimming lessons/lane swimming
    7:00pm-8:00pm Open Swim/lane swimming

    Halifax Commons Outdoor Pool Schedule: Saturday/Sunday

    Time Activity
    Time Activity
    10:00am-11:45am Open Swim/Lane Swimming
    12:00pm-1:45pm Open Swim/Lane Swimming
    2:00pm-3:45pm Open Swim/Lane Swimming
    4:00pm-5:45pm Open Swim/Lane Swimming
    6:00pm - 7:45pm Open Swim/Lane Swimming