Atlantic View Trail


  • washrooms
  • picnic shelters
  • benches
  • parking lot

Designated uses

  • walking
  • hiking
  • biking
  • cross country
  • Nordic walking
  • bird watching
  • snowshoeing


  • rail trail


Other information about Atlantic View Trail 

Length of trail: 10 kilometres
Linear or loop trail: linear 
Time to complete: 3-4 hours return (1.5–2 hours from end to end)
Trailhead location: Lawrencetown Beach
Surface: Crusher dust or fine gravel
Other trails adjacent: Salt Marsh Trail flows into the west end of Atlantic View Trail
Note: Designated as Trans Canada Trail Phase 1. 

Atlantic View Trail Association 

Eastern Shore community members began trail development for the Atlantic View Trail in 1999. The abandoned rail bed was seen as a golden opportunity to promote a safe, healthy, active transportation route and a great way to encourage tourism and protect the natural beauty of the area. 

The Atlantic View Trail Association's goal is 

  • to manage a non-motorized nature trail for hiking, cycling, walking, running and cross country skiing
  • to promote the conservation of the natural ecosystems, and provincial park which the trail passes through