Sir Sandford Fleming Park trails

Dingle Tower

Please note that access to the Dingle Tower will remain closed for the remainder of the year. Plans to reopen to the public in 2022 will be shared once confirmed.


  • washrooms
  • picnic shelters
  • benches 
  • picnic tables
  • playground
  • boat launch
  • seawall walkway     

Designated uses

  • walking
  • hiking
  • biking
  • Nordic walking
  • bird watching
  • snowshoeing    


  • cell phone service 


Other information about Sir Sandford Fleming Park trails

Length of trail: 2.8 kilometres
Time to complete: 35 minutes. The elevation change from the waterfront to the loop trail section makes this a difficult challenge for a wheelchair.
Community Group Manager: Halifax Regional Municipality
Landowner: Halifax Regional Municipality
Trailhead location: Access from the Dingle Tower parking lot or lower boat launch parking lot. The loop section has access off of the Dingle Road.
Surface: crusher dust and paved sections
Other trails adjacent: connects to Frog Pond trail via Dingle Road