DeWolf Park Boardwalk


  • washrooms 
  • benches 
  • parking lot 
  • boardwalk 
  • picnic tables

Designated uses 

  • walking 
  • biking 
  • Nordic walking 
  • bird watching


Other trail information about DeWolf Park Boardwalk 

Length of trail: 1 kilometre 
Time to complete: 15 minutes 
Community group manager: Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation 
Landowner: Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation on residential development and parkland development. 
Trailhead location: located at the end of Convoy Way, Bedford 
Linear or loop trail: linear  
Surface: wooden surface (boardwalk) 
Other adjacent trails: Along Shore Drive, connection to Fort Sackville Walkway in the Fish Hatchery Park and the Bedford Sackville Greenway Corridor.