Common Questions

Questions regarding the Moving Forward Together Plan.

Why is a five year service plan being developed?
The last strategic plan for Halifax Transit was prepared in 2009 and was intended to provide direction until 2014. It is time again to develop a new plan that will set the framework for Halifax Transit’s service changes over the next five years.

What will happen next?
Following the engagement process with the public, discussion and survey results will be analyzed. A draft plan will then be prepared based on the results of the survey. In January there will be a second round of consultation, on that draft plan, including route specific suggestions and/or areas of focus expected within the next five years.

Will my opinion make a difference?
Yes, our staff will be actively listening to feedback from both stakeholders and citizens. The feedback will be critical in developing the plan and will shape the priorities of Metro Transit in how we plan the next five years.

Will non-transit users have a say?
Yes. The views of many groups will be sought and used in developing the Five Year Service Plan. Our goal is to hear from as many voices as possible, which includes the voices of motorists, businesses, residents, cyclists, seniors, students, and many others.

What is being done in the interim to improve transit during the public engagement and into the development of the Five Year Service Plan?
Service adjustments and new routes approved as part of the 2013/2014 Annual Service Plan will be implemented. Following those service improvements, although minor adjustments to schedules will continue to take place, it is anticipated that no larger changes to the network will occur until after the completion of the new Five Year Service Plan. This will ensure that all future changes will be in alignment with the direction given by citizens and council, as outlined in the Five Year Service Plan once completed.

Why are you not discussing specific routes and schedule changes?
During the first round of consultation we are gauging the values of HRM citizens. The values of HRM can then be applied to planning the next five years for Halifax Transit. We will evaluate service standards and be able to plan system changes such as the schedule and routing in response to the values of the public. A more detailed discussion on how the values impact specific routes will occur in the second stage of consultation.

How do I contact Halifax Transit regarding the Five Year Service Plan?
For general inquiries, please contact 311, HRM’s Citizen Contact Centre. Alternatively, if you have comments or questions about the content of the Five Year Service Plan, we encourage you to email staff at