Plant of the Month

June 2019  Our plant of the month for June is the Musa acuminate (Dwarf Banana) plant. While it looks like a tree, it’s actually an evergreen perennial. The banana is the fourth most important crop in the world, and our very own plant is currently producing fruit! The plant prefers sun and partial shade in a protected area with moist and drained soil, and requires temperatures between 18-27 C for fruit to ripen.    You can find this plant in the fruiting shrub and tree bed in the Halifax Public Gardens. 
The bright red blossoms of the pomegranate plant
The bright yellow flowers of the Popcorn Plant
A pink pineapple sits on top of its leafy green foliage

July 2018 - Variegated Pineapple

The smelly flower of the Voodoo Lily

June 2018 - Voodoo Lily