Step 4 - Choosing Tools & Taking Action

PDF of this page available

Armed with a better understanding of the food resources and barriers in your community you're ready to take the next step and clearly define your goals for working towards food security in your community. These realistic goals should be based on the barriers and issues you identified. View Chapter 5 for information on goal setting

Here are some sample goal statements:

  • improving food security
  • increasing food access
  • improving affordability of purchasing & accessing food
  • promoting healthier diets
  • increasing food awareness & food skills
  • supporting local economies & local food
  • supporting environmental sustainability
  • networking and community capacity building
  • increasing food variety (culturally and diet specific) 

Create an Action Plan

An action plan can be as simple as listing barriers, possible solutions and outcomes, or more depth as including important considerations as well as resources that draw on specific actions and outcomes. The sample action plan includes examples of common issues that prevent the community from meeting the Six A's of food security and potential actions to address the issues. This sample worksheet is included to help build ideas and provide guidance for creating your own Action Plan to address the issues in your community identified in the Strengths & Weaknesses Worksheet