Integrated Mobility Program Quarterly Updates

Here's the information contained in the most recent Integrated Mobility Program quarterly update - Q3 (July, August, September) 2022. 


The Integrated Mobility Dashboard provides daily transit ridership data. The information in the image gallery below summarizes transit ridership data for buses and ferries from July to September, 2022. (* see transit section below for more detail on the impact of free transit Fridays and free ferry Saturdays in July & August 2022)

The IMP Dashboard also includes cycling data collected in multiple locations throughout the region. The information in the image gallery below summarizes bicycling counts collected between July to September, 2022 for Hollis Street, Vernon Street & the Dartmouth Harbourfront Greenway. 

IMP Action Items: 38 Completed, 40 on-going for the life of the plan, 47 in progress, 12 not stated.

IMP Action Items & Projects


Active Transportation

  • Installed interim bikeway improvements along six major routes using quick-build materials including paint, pre-cast curbs, and flexible bollards. The objective was to promote safety and connectivity along the Regional Centre AAA Cycling Network in the near-term before permanent upgrades can be made in the coming years. Most interim improvements will be completed this fall, with the possibility of some overflow into early spring 2023. (Action 72)
  • Launched the second annual Get There By Bike marketing campaign in partnership with Bell Media. This campaign included radio promotions, social media and web content. The campaign’s key message was there’s never been a better time to bike in Halifax, and included information about the Regional Centre AAA Cycling Network. (Action 78)
  • Initiated a bikeway planning project in August 2022 for the Graham’s Grove and Penhorn area in Dartmouth. This connection will link to Prince Albert Road and is part of the Regional Centre All Ages and Abilities (AAA) Cycling Network. Public engagement is planned for November 2022. (Action 72)
  • Engaged the public, throughout July 2022, regarding the Peninsula South Complete Streets project. Bikeway design concepts were presented for public review through pop-up events, virtual meetings, interactive maps, and videos. (Action 72)

Regional Plan

  • Completed analysis and recommendations for Phase 3 of the Regional Plan; and began scoping for Phase 4. Considered opportunities to reclassify some rural centres in an effort to direct growth in other locations with better water service and transit. Visit the Shape Your City project page for more details. (Action 16)
  • Amended the Regional Plan (as part of Phase 3 of the Regional Plan Review) to require that Council consider Priority Plans, including the IMP, in all discretionary planning applications. (Action 17)
  • Amended planning policy to permit residential and mixed-use development on several sites. All new policies require multi-modal transportation considerations. (Actions 22 & 26)
  • Considered alternative access layouts for the proposed Mill Cove terminal site to increase available land for housing and better facilitate active transportation. (Action 15)

Public Works

  • Installed six sets of speed cushions on Robie Street between Stairs Street and Wells Street. These are the first speed cushions to be installed in the municipality. Staff will be evaluating these new measures (impacts on speed reduction, travel patterns, varying vehicle experiences, etc.) to determine if they should be added to HRM’s toolbox of standard traffic calming measures. (Action 4)
  • Installed Zebra crosswalks at six signalized intersections that previously had crosswalks marked with twin parallel white lines. A recent safety review of ten intersections in the municipality recommended the use of zebra crosswalks at select signalized intersections to address observed near-miss incidents and historical collision patterns between vehicles and pedestrians. Zebra crosswalk markings (or high-visibility crosswalk markings) at signalized intersections have the potential to improve pedestrian safety by enhancing the visibility of pedestrians. Staff will be conducting follow-up evaluations to review the impact on conflict reduction these may have. (Action 4)


  • Continue to work with Halifax Transit and Public Works on planning and design for the Mill Cove Ferry Terminal. (Action 15)
  • Begin Phase 4 of the Regional Plan Review, which will include a review of the Regional Plan's growth centres using a 'complete communities' lens, and direct most growth to mixed-use, transit-orientated communities that can be served by transit, walking, rolling and cycling. (Actions 16 & 17)
  • Hold public engagement for the bikeway connection in the Graham’s Grove and Penhorn areas. (Action 72)
  • Present the Dartmouth North Active Transportation Planning Project to the Transportation Standing Committee on October 27, 2022. This presentation will describe the recommended cycling route as well as the 30% designs for bicycle facilities. (Action 72)
  • Finish construction of the Bayers Road – Chain of Lakes bikeway connection. This connection includes an extension of the Multi-Use Pathway along Bayers Road and a Local Street Bikeway connection to the Chain of Lakes Trail at Joseph Howe Drive. (Action 72)
  • Hold the Grand Opening of the West Bedford Park & Ride - October 12, 2022
  • Submit funding application for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) for the Mill Cove ferry service. (Action 24)
  • Regional Council will complete first reading of amendments to By-Law U-100 to include fare options on October 25, 2022. (Action 54 & 104)
  • Meet with HRM Access & Privacy to facilitate ridesharing through web-based coordination. (Action 56)
  • Present staff report to Halifax Regional Council on November 22, 2022, regarding recommendations for the future of the Student Transit Pass Pilot Program. (Action 57)
  • Run a targeted marketing and communications campaign plan to inform residents of the introduction of Route 50 (Dockyard-Shipyard) that will replace the Route 11 (Dockyard). This new route will follow a similar route and level of service as the former Route 11, from the Bridge Terminal in Dartmouth to the Dockyard in Halifax, but will now also include a connection to the Irving Shipyard. (Action 59 & 95)
  • Run a targeted marketing and communications campaign, as well as engagement activities specifically for employees of HMC Dockyard Halifax and Halifax Shipyard. (Action 59 & 95)
  • Begin annual enrollment period for the 2023 SmartTrip pass program to encourage commuters to try new transportation options (Action 64)
  • Monitor construction and review the bus stop sites where construction was delayed due to labour shortages. Plan integration opportunities for 2023/24. (Action 94)
  • Install Left-turn traffic calming at six locations to encourage slower left-turns by tightening the turning radius. Locations were recommended by a recent safety review of near-miss incidents and historical collision patterns at ten intersections. (Action 4)

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