Helping address homelessness

The Halifax Regional Municipality recognizes that everyone deserves a home. 

While the province is responsible to lead addressing homelessness in all of Nova Scotia’s municipalities, the Halifax Regional Municipality also has an important role to play – and is committed to applying resources to support efforts aimed at helping to address homelessness in the Halifax region. This work is guided by the municipality's Framework for Addressing Homelessness.

As housing insecurity continues to be an issue in the region, work with community partners and other levels of government has significantly accelerated, and collaboration has expanded to help address both affordable housing and homelessness.

The Province of Nova Scotia has the mandate to provide:

  • Public housing and programs for people with low to modest income
  • Affordable housing throughout the province, including housing options for those experiencing homelessness 

Residents with questions related to provincial supports and services for those experiencing homelessness can contact 211 for more information.

Video Series

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Homelessness 

The homelessness crisis is impacting communities across Canada and beyond. One of the people working to help address homelessness in our region is Max Chauvin, Director of Housing & Homelessness with the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Max regularly hears from residents who want to learn more about this serious topic, including what is being done to support those experiencing homelessness. Through this informational video series, you will hear from Max, and partners, in an effort to address your questions. 

  • Monday, Nov. 27
    • Video #1: What is the difference between being homeless and sleeping rough? 
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6
    • Video #2: Service providers. Who are they and what do they do? 

Designated Outdoor Sheltering Locations

Designated outdoor sheltering locations are spaces in municipal parks where those experiencing homelessness can camp for the purpose of sheltering. Municipal staff regularly visit designated outdoor sheltering locations to ensure adequate services are provided and mitigate issues where possible. For more information on designated outdoor sheltering locations, see Common Questions.

*Note: This map will be updated to include Grand Parade.

Alt text: An overview map of the designated outdoor sheltering locations.

Below are the current designated outdoor sheltering locations. A map of each can be seen by selecting the location name.

The municipality is aware that the demand for tent locations often exceeds the existing capacity. Municipal staff continue engaging with those currently experiencing homelessness to raise awareness of available resources, including designated outdoor sheltering locations that have capacity, as well as accommodation options at emergency shelters and long-term supportive housing facilities available through the province. The municipality is also working with the province to build 100 pallet shelters, expected in winter 2023/24, and a 52-unit tiny home community, expected by fall 2024.