Inclusion and Accessibility for Recreation Programs

A group of inclusion support workers huddles together with children

Parks and Recreation invites individuals of all abilities to participate in our recreation and leisure programs. The municipality is committed to providing safe and accessible programs for everyone to enjoy. We recognize that some of our citizens will require assistance to participate via adapted equipment, program modification, and/or through the provision of one-to-one Inclusion support. Throughout the year, if you or a family member requires assistance to participate, please call your local recreation centre directly to schedule a meeting to discuss available supports. For inclusion support during the summer months, please review the information below. You can also read about other opportunities available through the municipality's Affordable Access Program. 

Inclusion Support Procedures for Summer 2022

The municipality is committed to providing safe & accessible programs for everyone to enjoy. If your child requires one-to-one inclusion support, please register your child under course code (#00051967), which will be available starting April 20, 2022. The barcode applies to all municipally run recreation programs, however all registrations go through the Inclusion Office, which is located at the Captain William Spry Centre. This barcode is only meant to be used when requesting one-on-one support to participate in summer camps. All children requiring support must be registered under this barcode by the end of the day Wednesday May 11, 2022. Any requests received after this date will be added to a waitlist. Visit to begin the registration process. 

During the registration process you will be asked to identify your preferred weeks for both the months of July and August along with your 1st & 2nd location choices. When supports are confirmed, you will be notified by your local Community Recreation Coordinator to provide payment and complete an intake form with staff prior to camp starting. During the summer months, requests are higher for one-to-one inclusion support. The municipality will make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible based on available resources. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions about recreation accessibility & inclusion

What types of supports do you offer?

The municipality is committed to providing safe and accessible programs for everyone to enjoy. We recognize that some of our citizens require assistance to participate via adapted equipment, program modification, and/or through the provision of one-to-one Inclusion support.

How do I know if my child will need extra one-to-one support?
  • Is extra support required at school and/or in the community?
  • Is extra help required at home for basic care?
  • Is there an existing physical, medical, behavioral and/or developmental disability that could affect the safety of the participant and/or other participants?
What are the steps to register my child/youth for a program or camp?

Step 1. Set up an account online at or by visiting any of our Community Recreation Centers.

Step 2. Review the program offerings and consider the camp or program that is compatible with the interests and abilities of the participant.

Step 3. All children/youth who require one-to-one inclusion support to participate will register under one central barcode (#00051967) for summer programs. The inclusion barcode will be available starting April 20, 2022. Requests will be administered through the Inclusion and Accessibility Specialists based out of the Captain William Spry Community Centre and distributed to the appropriate facilities for follow up.

Please Note: Registration is conducted on a first come, first served basis. Anyone registering after the May 11 deadline will be added to a wait list. During registration, please identify your choice of location and your preferred three weeks for one-to-one support. Program fees will only be charged once support has been confirmed.

How many weeks of one-to-one support is my child eligible for during the summer?

Due to the extremely high demand for one-to-one support, we can provide up to three weeks of full-time support per child. Should additional resources become available, additional weeks may be accommodated.

Can I arrange to bring our own support person?

Yes, however we recommend you contact your local Community Recreation Centre to discuss this option further.

Why do you have a deadline of May 11 to request support in the summer months?

Because of the high demand for one-to-one inclusion support in the summer months, receiving all requests early allows us to complete intakes and identify necessary training and resources.

How long does it take to process my request for support?

Once the barcode closes, the information is sent to the preferred recreation centres and the community recreation coordinators will be in contact by the end of May.

Is there anything that your staff can not provide?

Municipal staff are not qualified to carry out procedures such as catherization, tube feeding, suctioning, injections, and/or managing aggressive behaviors. In these cases, we require families to make the appropriate arrangements. Please contact your local Recreation Centre for a full copy of the policy.

Is there a recommended program for those new to summer recreation programs or who require one-to-one support?

The municipality is pleased to offer a new inclusion opportunity for children with higher support needs called Ready for Rec in the summer months. Please contact for more information.

Are there programs for older youth that need support?

The municipality is pleased to offer two half-day camps in July and August for youth 12-16. Please contact for more information.

Ready for Rec

Ready for Rec programs are designed for children and youth who have diverse needs and require additional supports to be successful in a recreation environment. The focus is on accommodations, adaptations, and small participant to instructor ratios to support individual skills and learning styles. This program is supported by community partners and is delivered by trained staff and volunteers. Learn more!

More Information

If you require more information on Inclusion, please contact your local Community Recreation Centre or the Inclusion and Access Specialist at or 902-490-4410.