Bucky Adams Halifax G-7

Bucky Adams Plays the Halifax G-7 Summit, 1995

When Halifax welcomed leaders to the G-7 Summit in 1995, Bucky Adams was one of the local musicians selected to showcase Nova Scotia talent to the world.

Jazz great Charles R. "Bucky" Adams died July 13, 2012, in Halifax, where he was born 75 years earlier. Bucky played the saxophone with numerous bands, including The Rockin' Rebels, Club Unusual, The Basin St. Trio, and Generations. Bucky was asked to perform at many significant events, including Royal Visits, Atlantic Jazz Festivals, and visiting performances by jazz and blues legends like B.B. King, Dizzie Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, and Count Basie.

Starting in the 1990s, Bucky performed at the Northwood Senior Manor on Wednesday nights, as well as at various special concerts around the city. He was active in the East Coast and African Nova Scotian music scenes, and received numerous awards. (Biography sourced from Bucky Adams online.)

These photographs were taken by freelance photographer Graham Lavers on behalf of the City of Halifax Recreation Department. The series are also includes photographs of other musicians who performed at the Halifax G-7 Summit, such as Ashley MacIsaac, the Joe Sealey Trio, John Allen Cameron, Mary Jane Lamond, the NS Mass Choir, and the Floor Boards. See more details in the Archives Database.

Thank you to donor Graham Lavers for this addition to our documentary heritage, and thanks especially to Bucky Adams for all the music!