World War One

Colour photo called “Three of the Best” showing Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, Earl Kitchener and Field Marshal Sir John French.

Illustration taken from “Family Journal” in the Edna Snow scrapbook, HMA CR3-2-0-2

Colour copy of Prayer Service letter.

Special prayer service invitation to the Mayor of Halifax, 1914. HMA 102-5A.247.19

Colour copy of telegraph

Telegraph requesting arms and ammunition, 1914. HMA 102-5A.247.44

Colour copy of subject line on invitation: Win the War.

Win the War Committee. HMA 102-1G

Excerpt of letter to Mayor of Halifax about enemy submarines operating off coast of Nova Scotia.

Correspondence from Major-General Benson regarding submarine threat off Halifax, 1916. HMA CR13.3

Excerpt from a draft of a speech by Deputy Mayor Colwell in recoginition of returning servicemen.

Excerpt of draft speech by Deputy Mayor Collwell, Nov. 1916. HMA CR13.3

Colour photo of headline on correspondence

Heading from Public Patriotic Meeting. HMA 102-1G

Sepia photo of young soldier

Photograph of Sgt. Seymour Stone in Highlander uniform from scrapbook. HMA CR3-2-0-2

Sepia photo of soldier

Image of Captain Rev. Donaldson. Edna Snow scrapbook, HMA CR3-2-0-2

Colour image of poppy flower