Featured maps and plans

Colour photo of outbreak areas.

Plan of marked locations of diphtheria cases in orange and blue. HMA 102-39P E-6-543

Colour plan of proposed water works

Plan for water supply from Long Lake to Chain Lakes, 1845. HMA 102-39P W-8-3298

colour design drawing of a memorial arch.

Plan of likely unsuccessful bid for the Triumphal Arch Design. HMA 102-39P P-11-1427

Black and white photo of a plan showing the possible route and future road improvements if approved.

Proposed plan with existing street system for Harbour Drive, 1963. HMA 102-39P SS-10-15719

A colour map of Halifax and Halifax Harbour

Map of Halifax, published by John W. Regan and C.D. McAlpine in 1910. HMA 102-5A-26