VE Day Riot Source Guide

Black and white photograph of couple carrying merchandise

This photo was part of the police investigation file. HMA. 102-16T-16.2

Black and white photograph of celebrating sailors holding a mannequin outside a Zeller's store

Ransacking revelry outside Zeller's on Barrington St. HMA 102-16N-0015.7

Colour copy of videocassette cover showing WWII posters, the City of Halifax crest, video title and  its tag " A Look Into the Past With an Eye to the Future"

Click on cover of commemorative video to view a clip. HMA. 971.6225 H 1995

Black and white photograph of 3 young women and a soldier drinking and smoking sitting on the grass .

Everyone was celebrating. HMA. 102-16N-0015.12

Black and white photographs of two men in uniform holding parts of a mannequin and with their pockets stuffed with stolen merchandise

Looting as a lark. HMA. 102-16N-0015.3