Match-maker Mayor: dateline 1939

handwritten letter
“Dear Sir, I hope you won’t mind me taking the liberty of writing this letter to you. I wonder would you be kind enough to try and put me in touch with a respectable man with view to matrimony has I should like to come to Canada to live. I am an English working give aged 22 years. Thoroughly respectable and domesticated. If you will consider my request I should like my name and address kept private.  I remain yours faithfully” (name redacted for privacy)

Anonymized letter to Mayor dated April 28, 1939 HMA 102-3B-68.2

Black & white photo from newspaper headlined “Wants Husband”- This attractive 22-year-old English girl, above, is anxious to find a husband and a home in Canada, according to a letter received from her recently by Mayor Walter Mitchell. “I am an English working girl aged 22 years, thoroughly respectable and domesticated” she writes.

Halifax Mail, May 16, 1939, p. 8 HMA 102-3B-68.4

Anonymized Black & white photo of correspondence:  Dear Sir, Do you please think it would be possible for you to find two female correspondents for the following boys- (name blurred for privacy), of the above address, and (name blurred for privacy) of (address blurred for privacy). Both of us are good looking. We are both aged sixteen, 5ft 8 ins. tall, and both dark, and work in the Corporation Offices.
Hoping we are not asking too great of a favour from you as this is the only means by which we can communicate with anyone in your town. Hoping you will be able to find us two suitable female correspondents, as soon as possible, we remain, yours truly, (names blurred for privacy)

HMA 102-3B-68

Black & white photo of correspondence from Mayor

HMA 102-3B-68 (altered and cropped to protect privacy)