Halifax Town Planning Board

Summary of City of Halifax Town Planning Board minutes relating to the Halifax Explosion (102-40)

This page provides a summary of Town Planning Board minutes related to the Halifax Explosion. Minutes have not yet been digitized. Contact the Archives to request copies or to view the originals.

December 17, 1917

  • Town Planning in relation to the Explosion.
  • Prospective appointment of a Commission for reconstruction of devastated portion of City (talk of involvement of Halifax Town Planning Board and Town Planning Advisor Commission of Conservation).
  • Resolution passed: “In view of the recent disaster, RESOLVED that this Board proceed as rapidly as possible with the collection of data for the preparation of a Town Planning Scheme for the City of Halifax, and that the Commission of Conservation be asked to permit Mr. Thomas Adams to give his undivided attention to this matter.”

February 11, 1918

  • Secretary instructed to coordinate a conference between the Board and the Halifax Relief Commission to discuss planning of the devastated area.
  • Request maps from Commissioner of Works and Mines and the Nova Scotia Board of Fire Underwriters.

February 20, 1918

  • Motion to give notice of Board’s intention to apply to the Commissioner of Works and Mines for authority to prepare a town planning scheme.
  • Motion to apply for a grant of $500 from the Board of Control and City Council to begin preparing the scheme.
  • No reply from Relief Commission, motion to arrange a conference passed.


  • Notice that the Board intends to apply to the Commissioner of Public Works and Mines for authority to prepare a Town Planning Scheme no.1 in the devastated area.

March 1, 1918

  • Notice to be published March 4, 1918 in the Evening Mail and the Daily Echo.
  • Board’s committee met with the Relief Commission to begin work co-operatively.
  • Mr. Adams appointed consultant to the Town Planning Board to work with Mr. Johnston, Acting City Engineer, to prepare the scheme.

May 23, 1918

  • Motion passed for application to the Commissioner of Works and Mines for authority to prepare a Town Planning Scheme excluding any lands declared by the Relief Commission as the devastated area.

June 18, 1918

  • Application not yet sent, motion passed to exclude mention of the devastated area.

July 26, 1918

  • Major F.W.W. Doane, City Engineer, appointed Executive Officer of the Board.
  • City Solicitor appointed Board Solicitor.
  • “Resolution delegating authority to executive officer” is passed.

November 8, 1918

  • Commissioner of Public Works and Mines authorizes the Board to prepare no.1 town planning scheme.
  • Resolution for application for authority to prepare scheme no. 2.


  • “Nova Scotia Town Planning Act, 1915 – City of Halifax – Town Planning Scheme No. 2” notice to be published.

December 9, 1920

  • Mention of a Relief Commission Scheme, which could not be included in the Halifax Scheme.

December 21, 1921

  • Letter from Pickings and Rolland with a copy of the proposed scheme for the devastated area and notice to the Board that the plan for the district was ready and to be submitted to the Commissioner for approval.