Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower time capsule

Colour photo of the Explosion Memorial Bell Tower

Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower, 1985-09, Maurice Crosby photographer (CR58-31.2)

Colour photo of Explosion survivor, Millicent Upham Swindells and her grand-daughter Anne Louise Ihasz pose with Committee member Alec McLeave just before they place the time capsule, in front of the Memorial Bell Tower.

Photo by Anne Ihasz was not in the time capsule, but donated at the 2017 opening (CR 6-079.5)

Colour photo of people gathered around the newly opened time capsule

Image taken at opening of time capsule Aug. 16, 2017. Culture and Events

Front cover of booklet

(CR 58-5)

Colour photo of 1917 penny

CR 58-4

Black and white group portrait of committee in board room

CR 58-32.9; as identified by Committee members Bernie Allard and Alec McLeave

Letterhead for Memorial Bell Fund
Memorial Gala Poster
Newsclipping "Halifax Explosion Memorial project nears fruition".

The Mail Star, Nov. 26, 1983, p. 1 (CR58-34p.1cropped)

The Memorial Bells...the Halifax Explosion Remembered