Bedford Magazine Explosion - July 18-19, 1945

Headline: Four Huge Explosions at Munition Depot Rock Wide Area -- 12 Hurt-- Fire Abates Near 50,000 Depth Charges

Headline from the Boston Post, July 19, 1945

Headline: Horrors of Explosion of '17 Vividly Recalled
Headline: Haligonians spend weary, anxious night out in open
July 19, 1945 headline: Dartmouth Hit Hard by Blast
Newclipping: Describes Scene at Bedford Magazine Fire

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black and white photograph of a mushroom cloud above houses, probably in Dartmouth

HMA CR6-104

Canadian Pacific Telegram from H.F. Harper, Mayor of Pictou to Mayor of Halifax offering food and shelter, July 19, 1945

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