Halifax Police Department photographs

Sepia photo of a wide street in winter.

South Park Street from Sackville Street, ca. 1890. HMA 102-16N-0016.3 O/S

Black and white photo of officer standing in street

Angus MacDonald at the corner of Buckingham and Barrington, 1923 or 1924. HMA 102-16N-0012.4

Black and white photo of policeman writing in a notebook on the pedestal at the Grand Parade entrance to City Hall.

Inspector John W. Miller City Hall, ca. 1910s. HMA 102-16N-0012.5

Black and white photograph of policemen smashing a slot machine with a hammer.

Police Chief Fox and Deputy Chief MacLellan destroy slot machines, ca. 1950. HMA 102-16N-0004.1

Black and white athletic team photo.

HPD A. and R. Club Champion Athletes 1920. HMA 102-16N-0008.2

Black and white photograph of a hockey team

HPD and HFD hockey teams, 1940-1945. HMA 102-16N-0008.1

Black and white team photo

Pistol Competition June 8, 1966. HMA 102-16N-0023.1

Black-and-white photo of Constable Art Francis holds a boy from the Halifax Infants Home, petting a horse

Cst. Art Francis with a boy from the Halifax Infants Home, ca. 1940. HMA 102-16N-0059.1

Black-and-white photo of police officers observing a breathalyser demonstration, 1969

Halifax Police Breathalyser Demonstration, 1969. HMA 102-16N-0053.1

Black and white photo of African Nova Scotian officer using call-box

Cst. Richard Smith calls in to the station. HMA 102-16N-0012.1

Black and white photo of female officer sitting in car talking on radio

Cst. Aileen Richardson, ca. 1975. HMA 102-16N-0012.2

Black and white photo of a cruiser on display under a National Police Week banner

Police cruiser at National Police Week, 1971. HMA 102-16N-0059.2

Black and white photo of a police office and three boys feeding a deer.

Sergeant Detective Walter Woods feeds a fawn, ca. 1930s. HMA 102-16N-0059.3

Black and white photo of police officer smiling holding wildcat by the ears

Cst. Frank Carver holding a wildcat he shot on Friday, August 11, 1966. HMA 102-16N-0012.3