Mardi Gras Memories

Colour photo of costumed partiers including vendor selling Mardi Gras Halifax Tshirts, buttons, etc.

"Mardi Gras Halifax" merchandise were sold as souvenirs of the event. 1989. HMA 102-104-D-1.13

Colour photo of couple in 18th century style costumes.

Revelers in 18th century style costumes, 1989. HMA 102-104-D-1.28

Colour photo of two participants in a flower pot costume

Flower people, 1989. HMA 102-104-D-1.31

Colour photo of three participants dressed in Mexican mariachi costumes

Revelers dressed in mariachi costumes, 1989. HMA 102-104-D-1.16

Colour photo of two masked ghouls.

Frankenstein and his bride, 1989. HMA 102-104-D-1.1