Historical municipal sources on Point Pleasant Park

Colour image of a map showing park area

City Atlas of Halifax Nova Scotia ("Hopkins Atlas") Plate M, 1878. HMA CR10-004

Colour image of a list of park rules

Pamphlet of the Regulations Governing Point Pleasant Park, 1978. HMA 102-59C-1

colour photo of large stone memorial with cross on top

Naval Memorial, [198?] (CR30K-1-24.63)

Colour photo of golden metal gates and stone pillars

Point Pleasant Gates, Dec. 1976 (CR30K-1-24.1)

Image of a blueprint showing ornate park gates

Half Elevation of Gates for Point Pleasant Park, [1885]. HMA 102-39P-E-1-357

Black and white map of the park showing roads, patsh, and points of interest such as memorials and military fortifications

Points of Interest in Point Pleasant Park. [196-?]. HMA 102-16N-0016.20

Colour photograph of a fancy silver chalice

Silver chalice presented to Major General H.M. Montague, C.R., by the City of Halifax, 1875. HMA 102

Colour photograph of an oil painting depicting an ornate stone building in winter

Gate house, Point Pleasant Park : [painting], [19--?]. HMA 102-148.019

Colour photograph of a coloured engraving depicting a stone tower

Engraving of the Prince of Wales Tower in Halifax, Nova Scotia, [after 1976]. HMA 400-2.026