Historical municipal sources for building and property research

Colour image of a building floor plan

Halifax Armouries ground floor plan, 1936. HMA 102-39P-JJ-2-9551.3

Black and white photograph of a house with no curb in front of it.

95 Ralston Avenue, [between 1957 and 1963]. HMA 102-39-1-1162.1

Colour photograph from a hilltop showing parkland, a parking lot, a large brick building, and a bridge in the background, and a smattering of snow lying gently upon the grass in the foreground.

NIP Harbourview area, composite panorama, [ca. 1976]. HMA 101-80C-7-3.2

Black and white aerial photograph of a park with baseball diamonds and residential neighbourhood in the background.

Dartmouth Common [aerial photograph], [between 1972 and 1974]. HMA 101-80C-1-4-H-53

Colour photograph showing street with parked cars, buildings, and the first storey facade of a stone building

Argyle Street, 1964-1968. HMA CR30K-1-1.13

Colour photograph showing the military cenotaph in Grand Parade with St. Paul's church in the background

St. Paul's Church, [1989?]. HMA CR40-23-14

Colour image of a building permit

Sample building permit, 1909. HMA 102-39I-55

Photograph of a yellow form with red writing indicating details about a property on needham street including owner, address, lot size, house size, construction material, no. of rooms, heat, out-buildings etc.

Sample field assessment card for a Hydrostone property. HMA 102-19B

Colour image of a map

Hopkins Atlas, Plate K, 1878. HMA CR10-004.

Colour image of a map showing waterfront docks and elevation

Gossip Survey, Halifax waterfront, 1859. HMA 102-39P-A-2-68

Black and white image of a map

Property assessment map, [1917]-[196?]. HMA 102-19G.13

Colour image of a map

Plan of the south commons lots, 1880. HMA 102-39P-H-3-445

Colour image of a map

Insurance plan of the City of Dartmouth, 1961-1973. HMA CR10-046 p.7-3

blueprint of an architectural drawing of a duplex.

Sample drawing

Colour image of a planning report cover

A functional planning report for Harbour Drive (cover), 1965. HMA 711.409716225 F 1965