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Screen capture of Halifax Municipal Archives Flickr Album

Curated albums of historical images ~ plus help us identify unknown locations and people!

Black and white photo of group gathering in Grand Parade with City Hall in background.

Grand Parade-always the venue for civic events. HMA CR16-84

Black and white team photo showing interior of Club

Winners of the 1920 Dennis Trophy, Mayflower Curling Club. HMA CR6-029

Black and white photo of former City Market and Police Station

Former City Market and Police Station, [ca. 1949]. HMA CR6-007.1

Black and white photo of Queen Elizabeth II in Dartmouth

Queen Elizabeth II with Dartmouth Deputy Mayor Hollis, 1959. HMA 101-2L-1.5

Black and white photo of councillors on steps of County Courthouse

Mary Theresa King and fellow councillors, late 1930s. HMA 312-1F-010

Black and white group photo of County councillors

Halifax County Council, March 1916. HMA 312-1F-001 (cropped from original)

Black and white class photo

First graduating class, Queen Elizabeth High School, 1943. HMA CR15.1

Black and white photo showing shops on Gottingen St. in winter

Gottingen St. shopping, [ca. 1965]. HMA 102-39-1-377.2

Black and white aerial photo of the Mic Mac Rotary.

Atlantic Air Survey aerial photo showing Mic Mac Rotary, 1970s. HMA 101-80C-1-4-H-56

Colour photo standing outside City Hall holding a tray of tea.

Teatime in the Grand Parade, Mayor M. Ducharme and Town Crier P. Cox, [ca. 1992]. HMA 102-104-D13

Colour photo of buskers entertaining crowds with schooner in background.

Buskers entertain at Historic Properties, 1980s. HMA 102-104-A4

Black and white photo of three happy skaters

Skating outside Historic Properties, 1980s. HMA 102-106-1-8 (Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Studio)

Colour photo of participants enjoying themselves

Chocolate Lake Skating Party, [197?]. HMA 102-106-1-2-3

Composite photograph showing house.

Composite of photographs of Bollard House renovations, 1964 and 1973. HMA CR30K-1-10