Public Gardens

Summary of Committee on Public Parks, Gardens and Commons records relating to the Halifax Explosion (102-7)

The Public Gardens and the Halifax Common sustained considerable damage from the Explosion, as detailed in the minutes of the Board of Commissioners of Halifax Common, and reports of the Superintendent. Minutes have not yet been digitized. Contact the Archives to request copies or to view the originals. Some submissions are hyperlinked to PDFs containing digitized copies.

May 20, 1918

  • Minutes – Superintendent Richard L. Power reports on damage done by the explosion; Request for report of damages and repair estimate from City Engineer; Superintendent authorized to order seats required for the City Gardens.

May 20, 1918

  • Submission – Superintendent's report on damage done by the Explosion.

May 21, 1918

  • Submission – City Engineer's estimates detailing a five year repair estimate for damages due to Explosion.

June 25, 1918

  • Minutes – A report by City Engineer Johnston, of damage to property in Gardens caused by the Explosion; Secretary and Engineer to advertise for necessary repairs to the property; Request to notify school board that the Commission cannot supply plants due to the Explosion.

June 25, 1918 

June 26, 1918

  • Submission – Letter to Chairman, Board of School Commissioners stating that the Commissioners of the Halifax Common will be unable to supply plants to the School Board due to the Explosion.

August 7, 1918

  • Minutes – The Board of Control has made a contract to have necessary repairs made to Public Garden.

September 3, 1918

  • Minutes – Superintendent Power reports on repairs completed and work remaining.
  • Submission – Superintendent's report on repairs completed and summary of work remaining.

December 13, 1918

  • Submission – Superintendent's request for necessary items, due to the Explosion, that cannot be attained with current budget.

January 9, 1919 

  • Minutes – Budget and details for repairs and improvements for 1919-1920 approved. Superintendent Power grants budget for repair work.